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If you are facing a probation violation you need to take it very seriously. A violation of your probation happens if you are accused of breaking the conditions of your probation. This can happen in a variety of ways. Some examples are:

  • Not reporting to your probation officer or taking scheduled drug tests
  • Not paying fines, probation fees or restitution;
  • Going to places or seeing people who the judge ordered you to stay away from;
  • Possessing, using, or selling illegal drugs;
  • Committing other crimes or offenses (even if you are only charged with them but not yet convicted);
  • Getting arrested for another offense, even if you are not guilty.

The severity of the violation and the associated consequences depend on many factors including the judge and the nature of the alleged violation. If you have prior violations the severity increases.

A probation violation can result in significant penalties, such as your immediate arrest pending a hearing, jail time, heavy fines, extended time on probation and extended probation conditions, or more.

A skilled attorney is often able to help you avoid severe consequences. Contact us today to discuss your options.