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I found myself facing several somewhat serious motor vehicle charges, which would have added many points to my license, possibly lead to incarceration, or at the very least thousands in fines. I had never been in trouble before, and had extreme anxiety over the whole situation. Patrick Hanifin was extremely courteous and good-natured, and he set my worst fears aside with his evident familiarity with this type of case. I was put at ease by his intuition about what the prosecutors and judges would be looking for. He clearly understands the nuances of defending against a list of charges with varying degrees of seriousness. I felt in very good hands. As it turned out, he was able to get the worst charges thrown out, and negotiated fines which were a small fraction of what I expected to pay. I couldn't have been more relieved at the outcome, or more pleased with Mr. Hanifin's performance on my behalf. Not only is he extremely competent, I told him he was a calming influence, as this case was very nerve-wracking for me. I highly recommend Mr. Hanifin. I am grateful to have had him in my corner.


First, I valued Patrick and their firm's proactive attitude. Just after my father, a Chinese traveler who doesn't speak any English was pulled over by a police and was requested to appear in a court. We received the firm's advertising mail, which makes me feel they work very hard. Second, they are very sincere. Their quotes are most reasonable and won't let you feel that you are fooled. I called ten more lawyers and visit at least five about my father's issue, some of them make me feel this issue are very serious, while Patrick gave me a practical strategy that made me feel confident. What's more, their quote is very reasonable at the very beginning. Other lawyers gave me a very high quote and after bargaining, they said they would give me a 50% or more discount and trying to make me feel that I should be grateful for the discount. Come on, why don't give me a reasonable price at the first time just like what Patrick did? Third, they work very efficiently. I don't need to concern my case at all!
I would suggest Patrick and their firm to every friend of me. They are more than helpful!


I recently had the pleasure of engaging Shawn Gritz as a defense lawyer for a traffic accident case. After talking with a number of lawyers initially, I found Shawn to be very responsive and honest about potential outcomes and costs, and chose to work with him. He patiently answered all my questions and gave me guidance on what information would be helpful for the trail. Like many professionals however it is not until seeing him in action on the day of the trial that I fully appreciated what I was playing him for. He successfully negotiated a settlement before the case was called, resulting in the case being dismissed. He did it in a very polite, professional and efficient manner and kept me informed of my options at each point. From his interactions with others, it is clear he is a seasoned lawyer and understands well how the system works. I would not hesitate to engage Shawn again in the future.

Happy Client

I specifically hired Henry Shih to defend me in my criminal traffic case because communicating with him put me at ease via his confident and calm demeanor, honesty, and professionalism. Its a relief to simply receive the truth, an honest and professional answer as to what you can do to make your situation better, and immediate responses to questions. Nothing was sugar coated. No decision was out of my hands. Relief was a court hearing away. That’s the impression his actions left me with. Henry even went as far as doing everything in his professional power to help me feel the negative effects of the hovering court case as little as possible. Everything happened so smoothly that it took an extra few days for the freedom to hit me! If he’s reading this, I just want to say “thank you!”


Mr. Shih agreed to take on our son's case for a civil citation. He was extremely calming, assured of a positive result and removal of the record from the internet. Having never been in the position we found ourselves facing he was very good at responding to my questions and assuaging me that things would be fine. We had some logistical issues as well which Mr. Shih handled and resulted in my son not having to make a court appearance. If you are facing minor marijuana violation like my son was --Henry Shih is your attorney. He keeps everyone calm and works tirelessly for you. I could not be happier except if this had never happened in the first place.

Happy Client

We hired Mr. Shih to deal with three charges brought by a major retailer against our daughter who was in the wrong place at the wrong time with her friends. We were very concerned because one of the charges was a felony and a conviction on it could harm her future prospects. However, Mr. Shih read all the police reports and looked at the evidence and then went to the State's Attorney and said that the charges would never stand up in court. He said that he was ready to go to trial but the prosecutor backed down and ended dropping the charges and then expunging the arrest record. We were so happy with this result that we have recommended Mr. Shih to other people who have gotten had legal issues and he resolved those too.

Happy Client

Mr. Patrick Hanifin represented me on two separate occasions and I am extremely pleased with the outcomes-each case was won. I first met Mr. Hanifin (regarding a traffic violation) at his office where he was timely, professional, and thourough. Mr. Hanifin was courteous and took the time to listen to my concerns and get the details from me regarding my case. Prior to the court date he met with me and explained the process and what was expected/needed from me. While in court he was organized and well spoken. It was obvious by his interactions that he is well respected by his colleagues.
I used Mr. Hanifin a few months later for a civil case and I received the same curtioisness and respect as before. Mr. Hanifin informed me of the process and steps he was taking in a timely manner. He returned phone calls promptly and was knowledgable about all aspects of the law.

Happy Client

I was so relieved to have Henry taking care of me doing this stressful time. I landed myself in an unfortunate situation defending a friend and things got completely out of hand. However, when Henry came into my life he really was my saving grace. He fought my case so elegantly/thoughtfully and explained everything in a way that I understood completely. He wasn't quick to settle; he made sure that I walked away with the best case scenario. I'd choose him any day to defend me, hands down. I know that I'd be very well taken care of. Thanks for everything, Henry!


I hired Mr. Hanifin for a landlord related issue. Initially I was nervous about my potential outcomes but Mr. Hanifin and his team's professionalism, competence, and patience quickly put me at ease. I intended on "shopping around for the right attorney" but Mr. Hanifin clearly was the right attorney for me.
Mr. Hanifin answered all of my questions and effectively resolved my issue. I highly recommend Mr. Hanifin; he is first on my list for any future issues that may arise in Maryland.
Thanks for the continued help Patrick!

Harrison L.

Great service, outcome, and prince !
Patrick Hanifin represented my daughter in her trial at the District Court in Montgomery County Md for a criminal citation. The final court outcome was certainly welcomed and what we had hoped for. We really appreciated how he handled everything, such as his counseling with my daughter, and his timely communications with us. He took his time talking with us throughout the handling of the case, had a very good knowledge of the process, and charged a very reasonable fee. We felt really good having him handling the case and highly recommend him !

G. Ready

I was very lucky to find Patrick on my very first try in calling a lawyer. He was professional and very understanding and helped me through the entire process with ease of mind. Thanks again bud you were awesome.

Matthias Baldwin

Mr. Hanifin is an excellent lawyer who does great work. He prepared me for everything I would need to know for my court date and was very pleasant to work with. Mr. Hanifin took great care of everything for the trial and was able to get the result I was looking for, as well as assure me that anything to come up after the trial could be taken care of as well. I cannot recommend Mr. Hanifin highly enough, and will be sure to seek his assistance again if need be.

Adam Marinelli

I was charged for traffic violation and had to appear in court. Before the court date, I received three letters from different Law Firms and I selected the one from, Gritz, Hanifin & Shih, LLC (Three great Lawyers). I called Lawyer Shawn Gritz and he agreed to defend me. Long story short, not only was he able to get my case dismissed, he also got my records expunged. What a relieve!!! In his office there is a cool and soft spoken secretary too. I strongly recommend Gritz, Hanifin & Shih, LLC to anyone who needs a lawyer. if your case is outside their practice, they will refer you.

Sam Aggrey

This is a wonderful group, you perceive it from the first moment you speak with them, and especially with Pat Hanifin, who is the person who handled my case, you feel confidence and professionalism. You can feel totally safe during the whole process. I had very satisfactory experience and would recommend one hundred percent.

Cindy Cabrera

A DUI, DWI and 5 other traffic offenses (totaling 7 in all). I wasn’t guilty, and I knew only a very good lawyer could help me establish the facts, properly. I hired Patrick Hanifin and it was the best decision I made. Hanifin worked wonders and 6 of 7 charges were dropped. I only paid a fine for the far lesser offense and the DUI/DWI were dropped. Believe me when I say he is reliable, consistent, knowledgeable about the law and very professional. To top it all, he walks you through the whole process, lays out the available options and gives sound advice. Hanifin is definitely a keeper. 5 star service all the way!


By the time I found this law office, I had tried speaking to dozens of others and none of them wanted to deal with a tenant/landlord case. Mr. Hanifin took the time to listen to us and offered to help us. He was easy to work with, very thorough and readily available. We knew we could trust him with this case and that was a relief. He explained the process and dealt with it every step of the way. He could have passed over this case like the others, but Mr. Hanifin is a lawyer with a strong work ethics and moral standards. He won our case. I would recommend Mr. Hanifin to anyone that needed legal services.

Danielle Donkersloot