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From the very first moments I walked into Shawn Gritz office I had a good feeling. He was pleasant and had a big smile. We immediately got to work on my case. He listened patiently and asked the right questions. He explained to me how we were going to win this case. He was more than friendly he was competent and professional. And yes we did win! A good lawyer. I recommend him highly.


I contacted Mr. Hanifin a few days after I was pulled over and arrested under an alleged DUI. He was able to consult me on what I needed to do in order to get the best outcome from my pending court case. He was able to get my DUI lowered to a lower traffic infraction. I would highly recommend Mr. Hanifin to anyone in need of a lawyer given his positive outlook and professional manor handling my issue.

Happy Client

Mr. Hanifin helped consult me with my DUI case. From the start he was professional and very understanding of my situation. I found him very trustworthy and felt he gave me the best advice possible. Through his superior advisement, my case was dropped to wreckless driving. I would highly recommend Mr. Hanifin.

Happy Client

Shawn is an amazing attorney for whatever you need an attorney for. He fights for you and doesn't give up or give in. He's kind and always there for you. I never felt like I was going through such a stressful time alone. He is always ready to listen and advise. I'll never look for another attorney. Why would I when I have already found the BEST!!!


Shawn Gritz is the best defense attorney ever! He won my case. He really cared and fought hard to win. He walked me through every step.His passion for winning was evident every time we met and he assured me that I was going to me ok. I really trust him. He is very professional and knowledgeable and with so much experience.

Fabian R.

Patrick Hanifin was phenomenal to work with. He was logical and kept in mind what would be best for me and my situation. He gave me all of the facts that he could in our limited time so that I could make the most informed decision that I possibly could.

Nia M.

I was across the country which added a degree of difficulty to me but Mr. Shih let me know everything I needed to know to help my case move along smoothly and well. I am certain that I would not have had my case dismissed without the help of him.


Shawn is a great person to know if you need a defense attorney. He specializes in hard situations and makes the most of them. Whil I have not used his services personally, I know him personally and if I ever needed someone like him, I know where to turn.

Happy Client

Very professional. Exceptional work and Mr. Shih was very detail oriented. He had everything worked out before we even stepped through the doors. I never had to speak and say anything. He was more than great and I would definitely recommend him to anyone I may know that would need services.

Rasheed J.

I would like to say that I appreciate the services that Mr. Shih provided for me. He was very professional and represented to the best of his ability. I am recommending Mr. Shih to anyone who needs a great lawyer and a hard worker. Thank you for your services Mr. Shih.

Thomas P.

I love these guys. They were very professional and gave me a discount wherever they could. Henry Shih was appointed to my case because he was already going to be at the courthouse where my trial was being held. He has great connections and knowledge to be able to take care of whatever you need.

Michael Moita

What can I say, I hired Patrick Hanifin to help out with a pair of pretty dire looking situations where I had made a mistake but was looking at some serious consequences. I was worried about the outcome but Mr. Hanifin gave me a clear indication of what could and couldn’t happen and the work that needed to be done by he and I for a satisfactory resolution to my circumstances. And satisfactory it was....twice! Not only did I have positive outcomes but I also had positive interactions for the duration of my case. Mr. Hanifin was prompt, professional and informative. He had answers for my many questions. And although I do wish that all of this never happened Mr. Hanifin got me through it and I would gladly hire him again.

Dwayne Payne

They are perfect, polite and professional. They fight my case professionaly. They just dont give you hope they actually fight your case. They are the best. If you need attorney then you need to call them.


Patrick Hanifin was an absolute professional and was instrumental in getting me out of a bad situation with a negligent landlord. He was knowledgeable, could explain somewhat complex legal speak into plain English, and was readily available to answer any questions sent his way. Highly recommend if you are in need of representation.

Daniel Mori

Patrick Hanifin helped us negotiate rent abatement with our VERY unresponsive property management company after our apartment flooded with sewage and they refused to clean it up properly. He was able to get a response from them when they repeatedly ignored us and gave us the runaround. We were able to get significantly more abatement from them thanks to his help! He was really responsive and helpful and answered all our questions quickly. We felt like we could completely trust him through the whole process and would definitely recommend him to family or friends who need a lawyer, especially when it comes to landlord/tenant issues!

Sara Hurley

I was recently involved in some criminal legal matters, in which I sought out a reputable attorney in the area. After my complimentary consultation with Patrick Hanifin, I immediately paid my deposit in order for him to represent my case. Patrick was very empathetic and comforting, yet honest. I felt as though he really understood my concerns with the situation and he worked diligently to ensure my views were heard by the defense attorney. He was thorough and communicative - I did not have to worry about the status of my case because he kept me updated as he received information. Luckily, he got my case dismissed and I was not charged with a felony. Although, not every case gets dismissed, I know Patrick understood my fears and was able to successfully advocate for me. I greatly appreciate the work Patrick put in towards my case. His prices are very reasonable and realistic. His staff is kind and helpful. I would HIGHLY recommend Patrick Hanifin if you are seeking a criminal defense or traffic attorney. You will not be disappointed.

Felicia Holland